Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watermelon Rosemary Lemonade

This lemonade was nice and refreshing, especially since Thanksgiving weeked ended up being rather hotter than normal. Even though rosemary isn't really my favorite herb, it worked really well in this drink. Since I wasn't able to get a lot of watermelon, I made half a recipe. You can find it on the blog Piccante Dolce, which I really like and which, frankly, has an awesome name.

Ah, rosemary: I've had a new respect for it ever since I've been going to that Italian restaurant in Ottawa that I can't remember the name of. It might be Biaggio's. Or not. Anyway, at the restaurant, they have this amazing bread that has rosemary in the crust: it's a bit salty, a bit spicy, always warm and tender inside. The oil you can serve it with is also infused with hebrs. It's lovely! Ever since having it -- and discovering that rosemary isn't just for cooking with chicken -- I've wanted to try it in a recipe. It works really well in this one because it gives it something unexpected. Unexpected, but pleasant.

And does anything feel more luxurious on a hot day than watermelon? We used to have watermelon in early Fall at my elementary school, during the corn festival. It was great: at the end of the meal, we'd get these big slices of watermelon: our hands would get all sitcky and juicy, and of course there were seeds everywhere, but no one really cared that much.

In a way, I think 'modern' seedless watermelon loses something. It certainly doesn't look like it's cartoon self. But then again, when you're crushing watermelon up and have to remove all the seeds, it's much less drastic if you miss a few white ones than if you leave in a black one! I wonder...if the black seed is crushed up, will a watermelon tree still grow in your stomach if you eat one?

Watermelon and lemon...not a combination I would have thought up on my own! But it was quite lovely. The lemon was subtle, yet still definitely there. Tart and sweet flavors together are always nice. I also enjoy any opportunity to use my citrus reamer, so this lemonade was obviously a joyous occasion.

I'd definitely make this lemonade again, and maybe try it as a popsicle as the original recipe suggests. Check out the blog Piccante Dolce and see this recipe!

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