Monday, October 24, 2011

Leftover Cornish Hen With Gravy

Mmmm: leftovers! Who doesn't love them? Seriously, who? Because that person is just not normal. Anyway, These leftovers are fast and delicious and extra-thrifty, because you make the gravy from pan-drippings you saved. From-scratch loveliness, and a fast and easy meal! I had Cornish hen, but this will work for any poultry leftovers.

1 leftover Cornish hen breast, torn into pieces
pan drippings from Cornish hen
1/2 tablespoon all-purpose flour

you'll also need:
small non-stick frying pan
heatproof spoon
'2 tablespoon' measure

1. you'll notice that your pan-drippings, which have been refrigerated at this point, have seperated into two parts: brown bits and yellowish-white bits, which are clearly congealed fat. Scoop out a tablespoon of the fat and melt it in the pan over medium heat.
2. when the fat is melted, add the flour and stir with the spoon until there are no lumps left.
3. add the brown bits of the pan drippings and stir.
4. using the 2 tablespoon measure, add bouillon to the pan one measure at a time until the gravy reaches a concentration you want. I addede 3 measures. Keep stirring so that everything combines.
5. let the gravy thicken up a bit (this will happen very quickly), then add the pieces of leftover Cornish hen. Stir them so they're coated, and let them heat through.
6. plate the hen with the gravy and eat it while it's hot. It's yummy!!! If you serve it on bread with some peas, you've got a hot 'chicken' sandwich!

I got this recipe from asking my mother for gravy-making advice.

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