About Me

Well, anyone who knows me really well understands that I like food. Mostly I like eating it, but I admit I also enjoy baking it. There's something about the smell of warm cupcakes that gets me right here. *points to heart*

I enjoy baking. Not always the actual baking part, but the finished product and the pride that comes from knowing I made my own food. Since I'm a bit neurotic and slightly controlling, the actual work of baking sometimes fills me with anxiety. But the feeling of something I've worked on coming out of the oven -- nothing is sweeter than that!

Due to the fact that I got a little fat during my Graduate School years (which are, as ever, ongoing), I decided I needed to learn to cook something other than cupcakes. Foods like chicken, for example, or a potato. As a new cook (and a somewhat older baker), I'm finding that I actually enjoy tinkering with new recipes, learning to do new things, and re-creating old favorites. I also enjoy following recipes to the letter, given that most of the time I still have no idea what I'm doing.

I am also, at the moment, quite happily single. Looking back on my 'adult' life, I can honestly say I feel like I've been in a relationship more than I've been by myself. Or maybe it just seems that way. In any case, I would much rather find a companion in baked goods than a human being right now.

Since I am neither Martha Stewart nor my mother, my exploration of the wonderful world of food will undoubtedly include a bunch of horribly mangled, failed attempts at cooking. Hilarity, I'm sure, will ensue. With a few exceptions, almost everything I post to this blog will be something I'm making for the first time. Yes, that's right: me and a bunch of recipes will be having our first dates! Exciting, right?

Added to all the above, I also happen to be obsessed with taking pictures of food. I may not be particularly good at either, but it makes me happy. Therefore: the existence of this blog. Enjoy!