Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vanilla and Maple Cream Ice Cream

Have you ever wished you could say 'hey, I made that ice cream' but lacked some of the necessary, oh I don't know, an ice cream maker? There's something so fancy about homemade ice cream, isn't there? Anyway, now you can 'make' some in any fancy popsicle mold that says it can handle soft products! My advice is to get fancy ones you can eat out of like bowls in case the stick part slides right out, as it so often will. Enjoy your 'homemade' ice cream creations!

a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream
2 teaspoons maple cream liqueur

you'll also need:
a bowl
popsicle molds

1. put a scoop of ice cream in your bowl and measure the liqueur over it. Moosh it together and spoon some of it into each popsicle mold. They will not be full.
2. add another scoop of ice cream to the bowl and smoosh it with the remaining liqueur. It may get melty, but it doesn't matter because you're freezing it again anyway. Put that into the popsicle molds.
3. contunue this process until there's only 1/2 inch of space left at the top of each mold.
4. put the stick ends into the molds and close tightly. Put your molds in the freezer and enjoy your treat the next day.

note: if you ever misjudge the ratio of ice cream to alcohol so that your mixture does not freeze, just serve it in a bowl over fruit as a kind of cold sauce. I guarantee you, no one will care.

I made this 'recipe' up. 

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