Saturday, August 13, 2011

'White-Trash' Grilled Cheese

This is the grilled cheese from the Kraft Singles commercials. It is also the grilled cheese I grew up with, only better, because we have a sandwich-press now. It's magical because it gets all flat and melty and perfect, the bread becoming the perfect foil for the cheese. Mmmmmm: cheese! I call it the white-trash grilled cheese because, in order to be its amazing self, it has to be made with ingredients that have virtually no redeeming nutritional value. Comfort food at its finest!

2 slices white bread (I used Pom Smart Bread)
1 slice Kraft thick extra cheddar deluxe cheese
a bit of butter, room temperature

you'll also need:
a sandwich / grilled cheese press (not a panini press); or just make it in a pan, being sure to crush it within an inch of its life if you don't have a press to flatten it for you
plastic spatula

1. preheat the sandwich press.
2. peel a slice of cheese off the stack and put it on a plate. Contemplate stuffing another piece of cheese into your mouth right then and there. This is an especially good idea if there is only one more piece of cheese left.
3. butter the sides of the bread that will come in contact with the press; put them butter-side up in the plate.

4. when the press is ready, put the sandwich in. It goes bread (butter down), cheese, bread (butter up). Close the press and let it cook and squish your sandwich.
5. when the press indicates it's ready, take your sandwich out with a spatula. Stuff it in your mouth, making sure not to burn yourself.

I got this 'recipe' from my childhood, updated in my adulthood by a sandwich press.

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