Monday, January 16, 2012

Individual Macaroni and Cheese with Panko Topping

This macaroni was simple, yummy and comforting! The recipe makes 2 servings, so you can stick one in the fridge and have it another day.

60g dry whole-wheat macaroni
1/2 tablespoons and 1/4 tablespoon semi-salted butter, divided
1 cup skim milk
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons grated marble cheddar cheese
salt and pepper
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
3 tablespoons panko crumbs.

you'll also need:
2 1-cup baking dishes with lids (or cover with foil)
small pot
pasta strainer
heat-poof spoon
small whisk
small frying pan
cooking spray

1. cook the macaroni in the pot with lightly-salted water until it's just tender but still slightly firm. Drain the pasta and rinse it with cold water. Set aside.
2. in the same pot, melt the 1/2 tablespoon of butter over medium heat. Once it's melted stir in the onion powder and cook for about a minute, stirring frequently.
3. meanwhile in a measuring cup or other dish, whisk together the flour and milk. Add it to the pot and whisk until blended. Season to taste with a bit of pepper. Increase the heat and whisk until milk in just scalding. Reduce the heat and continue whisking until mixture begins to thicken.

4. once the mixture has thickened, remove it from the heat and stir in the grated cheese. Stir until incorporated and melted, then whisk smooth. Add the pasta and stir to coat.
5. spray the 2 baking dishes with non-stick cooking spray and divide the macaroni between them. set aside.
6. preheat the oven to 350F.
7. in the frying pan, melt the 1/4 tablespoon of butter over medium heat. Stir in the panko crumbs until they absorb the butter. Season with a bit of salt, stir again, then remove from the heat. Evenly sprinkle the crumbs over the top of the 2 macaroni dishes.
8. bake the macaroni in the oven, covered, for 10 to 15 minutes, until just bubbling. Remove the lid and bake for another 5 minutes to brown the crumb topping. Serve and enjoy!

I made this recipe up on the basis of other cheesy pasta dishes I have made before.

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